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The official affiliate program
from a world leader

Our unique platform gives you the highest profit. You can focus on your traffic, and we'll do the rest
What is the affiliate program?
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131 673
$70 119.60
earned by affiliates today
2 offers to choose from
The most profitable offer in any affiliate program is a share of the advertiser's profit received throughout the life cycle of attracted customers. We suggest you choose one of two options for earning from our profit, each of them is attractive in its own way.
Of profit for all traders collectively

You receive half of the broker's profit for all your traders. This means that all profits for users add up to one total amount, and you get 50% of it.

You can change your choice during the second step of the registration process.

Of profit for each trader separately

You receive 40% of the broker's profit for each trader separately. It means that the profit for each trader is calculated independently of each other, and the negative turnover of one client doesn't affect the profit from another.

You can change your choice during the second step of the registration process.

Why Krypto-Trade Affiliate?
We automatically transfer your earnings to your preferred online payment account twice a month
No balance deductions
You can't have a negative balance in our program. Your revenue is made up entirely of profits
Cross-platform support
Our product is available in a web version and a mobile app. You can drive traffic from all channels equally effectively
Multi-language brand
Krypto-Trade represents millions of customers from 175 countries who speak 13 languages, and they always come back to our platform for more
Universal links
We do the work of detecting your users' location, language, and device, and send them to the most suitable landing page
Clear analytics
Analyze your results in real time using convenient reports and data filters
Best affiliates around
And that's just the statistics for the past 30 days! Join our ranks now to be with the best of the best
First-time depositors - the number of clients that made their first deposit on the platform
First-time depositors - the number of clients that made their first deposit on the platform
First-time depositors - the number of clients that made their first deposit on the platform
Receiving payments is fast and easy
We send your earnings to your preferred payment account twice a month, within 3 business days
Registered in November 2014
“I have found their backend panel very informative and user friendly, their payment ethics superb and above all, their revenue per exposure ratio is off the charts!”
Registered in April 2015
“It becomes more and more obvious that this is the best affiliate program in the industry. First of all I talk about high conversion rates (due to really good promo materials and Registration APIs) and regular payments (twice a month). Support is also very pleasant. I wish further successes to Krypto-Trade.”
Registered in December 2014
“Their conversion rates are higher than we usually have not giving all the efforts to the broker. I’m sure they will show really amazing results in the industry this year.”
Igor Perevoznikov
Top Web Master
Registered in November 2013
“You are my favorite team. Since the very beginning, I knew that someday you’d be on the top of the industry. At first, I wasn't sure about this offer which was new for me — I was working with the ordinary CPA offers before. Now it’s all changed.”
Registered in November 2014
“Krypto-trade.com developed a very innovative affiliate platform that offers you real-time statistics, lots of banners, landing pages in several languages, and commission payments done in timely manner (twice a month). As a blogger for binaryoptioneurope.com, at the beginning I was skeptical about receiving only a revenue share instead the classic CPA, but now I am happily surprised and the results are above my expectations! Try out the innovative Krypto-Trade trading platform and you will see the affiliate binary results growing day by day!”
Registered in April 2016
"We will keep you high on the toplist. Other brokers pay more but to be fair I think your product is best for our users. And thats important to us."
You are granted limited non-exclusive non-transferable rights to use the IP provided on this website for personal and non-commercial purposes in relation to the services offered on the Website only. Registering with us, you accept the  Affiliate Agreement and  Privacy Notice
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